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by ふゆさくら
2010年 11月 09日 |
今日はすごく風の強い一日でしたね。その結果、我が家の前の樹齢500年のケヤキの葉が舞う舞う!花吹雪ならぬ紅葉吹雪でした。あっという間にj地面には自然の美しい絨毯のできあがり♪ でも、また掃かなくっちゃ。。。(T▽T)
It was windy today. So the leaves of zelkova tree that are in front of my house were fluttering about in the wind. It seemed as if brizzard and the ground looked like a beautful carpet! But I have to sweep up tomorrow.^^;

Well, I introduce recent dinner. Do you know "Donburi"? "Donburi" is a big bowl of rice topped with something.

"Unagi-Donburi" that is a bowl of rice and boiled eel
Fried Japanese radish and egg and pork
Miso soup

When I go to the supermarket late in the evening, I can buy the seafood at half price. Though this ell was half price, it was so delicious because I steamed again. I love "Unagi-Donburi". ^^


"Ikura-Donburi" that is a bowl of rice and salmon roe
☆大根の鶏つくねサンドステーキ ~ゆず胡椒と味噌だれを添えて
Steak of Japanese radish that insert ground chicken
" Kinpira" that is fried Japanese radish and carrot.
Marinated Japanese radish and persimmon and seaweed
Miso soup

I made "Ikura" by myself. Though it was troublesome that I took the roe apart to peaces , I felt happy because my family were very pleased at having "Ikura-Donburi". And my neighbor gave big Japanese radishes. Thank you so much! So I made many menu of Japanese radish. ^^
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