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by ふゆさくら
2009年 11月 24日 |

Recently, my kids pressed for setting up the christmas tree. So I placed the christmas tree that was shipped over the pacific Ocean this evening. But when I turned on the tree light, I was disappointed. Because the socket is different from Japanese one! I have to go to the shop for household appliance.


By the way, this is the best season for oyster in Japan. So I made the dinner with oysters for two days runnning.


The creamy stew with oysters and small fish


I chose the big oysters and floured it. And I meant to add it last for delicacy, but I couldn't. The oysters shrinked, because T and O stayed out late for taking our dog for a walk. I was shocked!!!


The yellow curry with oyster and breast meat of a chicken


I used oyster and breast meat of a chicken, because these oysters were small. You know, some Thai curry use shrimps, I thought oysters goes well with Thai curry,too.
Well, though you can find a herb that called "phak chii" easily in USA, I couldn't in Japan. But I finally found it at Jusco that is famous store in Japan! However it was a little and expensive. So I want to raise it at my garden next spring.

What shall I make with oysters next? How about the oyster rice or the deep-fried oysters?^^
by fuyusakura1 | 2009-11-24 22:04 | meal&dessert |
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