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by ふゆさくら
2009年 11月 26日 |

Today, I got a phone that was from my friend who lived in Houston and came back to Japan last December. We let know how we've been getting along each other and cherished the memory of great Houston life . So my mind flew from here to Houston!



I went to outside and sweeped up the front road and my garden in the evening. I should have sweeped up dead leaves everyday but I couldn't, because of the cold and bad shape. Maybe the phone made me lively !^^
I sweeped and sweeped and sweeped..........and cramed many dead leaves into a big garbage bag. But there are two mountains of dead leaves left. I have to pay for my laziness.......(TOT)
But I thought the exercise makes me agreeable. I tasted the warmth and deep breathing.^^



I have a tree of blueberry that is the side of front door. It's aflame with red now. So beautiful!!!


By the way, what do you like for breakfast? We had raw egg and rice and miso soup for a while right after we came back to Japan. Because the raw egg and rice was delicious for us!!! Though we couldn't have raw egg in USA, now we can have it. But we enjoy bread recentry.


I put ketchup and tomatoes and green peppers and cheese and mayonnaise on a slice of bread, and I baked it brown. And I added a glass of mixed juice and yoghurt with apricot jam. My kids loved it very much and told me "It's delicious!" " The taste of green pepper is so effective!". It made me happy. So I'll make them a bread with another taste soon!



Well, when we had a dinner, I lit up candles. We smiled because a good old memory of Houston life rushed into our mind.
by fuyusakura1 | 2009-11-26 21:21 | diary |
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